Naturally Caring – why honey should play a key role in your skin care routine

You recognize the delicious and natural goodness of raw, urban honey — delighting your tongue with its soft, golden consistency and hints of caramel. In discussing the benefits of this rich golden product of hardworking bees, you might limit yourself — noting it as a natural, unrefined replacement for sugar.

But please don’t ignore another sweet use – getting a smooth, flawless complexion.

Honey is packed with natural beautifying properties. Honey bees really should demand a tribute! Beauty experts and health-savvy celebrities have long recognized just how much potential raw honey, and honey-infused beauty products hold.

The use of honey in skincare routines is a natural good and and absence of chemical additives. Additives can irritate and trigger reactions, effectively doing the opposite of making your skin look good. Our products at Sweet Beginnings are unabashedly natural, incorporating the amber beauty of fresh honey.

What is in beelove® honey?

What makes honey such a highly rated beauty product? Good question. When you purchase one of products, raw urban honey, or our array of honey infused products, here is what you get.

Natural Antibacterials and Antiseptic.  Like many of nature’s highly touted offerings, honey has proven antiseptic properties. Honey contains, hydrogen peroxide, lysozyme, polyphenols, phenolic acids, flavonoids, and bee peptides…what do all these mean?

They are bactericides – they combat harmful bacteria that might have latched on to your skin, your face in particular, in the course of your daily activity.

Honey may have a gentle, soothing feeling on your skin, but it does a whole lot than giving you a sweet scent.

Anti-inflammatory compounds. Honey has long been used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, but in skin care our focus is on how it slows down, and halts the damage caused by skin reactions. Honey temporarily minimizes the body’s natural inflammatory reaction to wounds or allergens. It’s like using an icepack to reduce swelling of a sprained ankle.

Loads of Antioxidants. There is a reason honey has been used by women in ancient Egypt as a part of their beauty routine. Honey is packed with antioxidants, a powerful anti-ageing property. Antioxidants are chemical components that protects your cells from damage. If you ever found the proverbial fountain of youth, it would be full of raw antioxidants.

Eating honey or applying it to your skin will protect your skin cells from deteriorating from the many natural toxins in the environment. There is a reason antioxidants are a major selling point of food and skin care products today. Honey provides all that, without any of the side effects from other additives.

How to fit natural honey into your skin care routine

In using honey, raw or combined with other natural products like essential oils and Aloe Vera, you can expect the following:

Moisturizing. For those with dry skin, or just as a daily moisturizer, honey keeps your skin glowing, and well moisturized. Honey is what is called an humectant, keeping your skin hydrated by trapping moisture from the environment. Using honey helps you prevent the itching, flaking, and potential eczema that results from dried out skin.

Honey is also good for oily skin, as it regulates the skin’s production of sebum (oil). What makes honey much better than industrial facial washes is what it does after ridding the skin of sebum. It leaves a protective layer, and maintains the skin’s soft texture, rather than drying it out.

When you moisturize with honey, your skin is also nourished with an array of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes, helping your skin be as healthy as can be.

Natural Exfoliator. Scrubbing off layers and accumulated dead skin cells, should be part of everyone’s skincare routine.

This is the main purpose of our beelove® restore polish and glow sugar scrub. But you can also wash your face with a teaspoon of raw honey applied to a soft, warm washcloth. It leaves your skin like a newborn’s. With its anti-inflammatory properties, there is little to no risk of a flare-up like you might have from a conventional exfoliation cream.

Wound Treatment. Honey is a natural antiseptic and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Applying honey on minor wounds will support the natural healing process.

Try using honey for skin care today

You may have a jar or two of honey in your kitchen cupboard. Move one to the bathroom cabinet where it is available to pamper you! The natural properties of honey are so good for your skin.

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Neila Adams