Four Reasons to Love Raw Honey

Raw honey has a long-standing reputation for its robust and naturally sweet flavor. In addition to being delicious, there are many benefits to using raw honey in everyday life.

Did you know the ancient Egyptians used honey frequently to make ointments to treat skin diseases?  The ancient Sumerian clay tablets reveal that honey was used in 30% of their medicinal remedies. If you’re looking to benefit more from that jar of honey in your cabinet, here are four awesome ways to use honey as more than just a sweetener:

 1. Raw honey soothes sore throats

My grandmother always said that hot tea, peppermint leaves, lemon and honey helped alleviate symptoms of the common cold. Today, we know what’s really happening.

Honey acts as a demulcent, forming a film in the throat to provide relief from the irritation that causes coughing.

One study noted that children age 2 and older with upper respiratory tract infections experienced less nighttime coughing and slept more peacefully when given two teaspoons of raw honey.

 2. Raw honey raises your blood sugar

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia drains your energy and ability to focus. People with hypoglycemia can use honey’s natural sugar content to boost low blood sugar levels. After a routine workout, incorporate a teaspoon or two of honey into your fruit smoothie.

 3.Raw honey helps promote healing

In ancient Egypt, “Honey was used to cover a wound, burn or abrasion…. because nothing can grow on it– so it was a natural bandage,” Amina Harris, executive director of the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute at U of C, Davis explains.  Honey absorbs water from wounds.

The high pH in raw honey (pH 3 – 4.5) is so acidic that it prevents growths such as bacteria, fungi or infections. Honey can be broken down into two fundamental by-products: gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide in honey combats anything that the high pH missed.

While the honey barrier absorbs fluid from your wound, it releases just enough hydrogen peroxide, similar to a mild antiseptic.  The enzyme in honey, called glucose oxidase produces hydrogen peroxide when it mixes with your body’s fluids. In addition, the natural honey bandage cleanses the wound and acts as a natural barrier against germs such as bacteria and fungi.

Another study examined the therapeutic healing effects of honey after women had undergone Caesarean (c-sections) or abdominal hysterectomy surgeries. Scientists found that patients treated with raw honey, instead of a standard solution of iodine and alcohol, experienced shorter hospital stays, recovered faster from infection and noticed less obvious scar formations.

That’s sounds pretty amazing, but for everyday life, let’s stick to small cuts and abrasions, shall we?  🙂

 4. Raw honey promotes healthy digestion

Another delicious option that also has benefits!  Use raw honey with your favorite cheese or yogurt. Put a serving of plain yogurt in your favorite dish, add fresh berries and drizzle raw honey on top. You’ll be amazed how well all these flavors go together.

Moreover, scientists at Michigan State University found that honey promotes “good bacteria.”  They added honey to yogurt and cheese and noticed that honey enhanced growth, activity and viability of some bifidobacteria, which help promote healthy digestion.

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However, we also love that we produce products that are delicious and can be beneficial to your health. We hope you enjoy making Chicagoland raw honey a part of your everyday life!


Please consult your doctor before attempting ANY alternative remedies.


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